Rabbit Daughter

Imaginary Daughter The Book - on sale now!

After a long wait, the book is finally on sale. Just click on the banner on top for the details, or head directly to the store to place your order :D

Posted by karchesky on 2011 Apr 09 05:37 pm

Vote for Imaginary Daughter!

As you might have heard, the first annual Smack Jeeves awards are ongoing right now - and Imaginary Daughter got two nominations! Although it's unlikely that it will win either, given the superb quality of the other competitors, I will still be really thankful if you vote for this little comic :)

In fact, I'm so thankful to the Smack Jeeves community that I decided to post all of the ID Bonus pages here, starting now and posting one per day until they're over ;)

Vote for ID as "most underrated comic" - see the other nominated comics.

Vote for ID as "best colored comic" - see the other nominated comics.

Posted by karchesky on 2010 Jul 11 09:18 pm

New layout

The site finally has a much-needed layout renewal! What do you think?

As usual, remember that you can read the latest strip a bit earlier at the official site. You can also check for new posts at the official site (which include bonus Imaginary Daughter stuff as well as other stuff I'm working on) in the brand-new sidebar.

Posted by karchesky on 2010 Jan 14 08:22 am